Back again…

So we’re back in our local hospital again. I could kind of see it coming. Ivy’s temperature has been on the cusp of high for a couple of days. On Monday her blood results showed her neutrophils were 0.0. She literally has nothing to fight infection, this has happened before and it scares the life… Continue Reading →

Delayed Intensification

… a big blast of chemotherapy designed to kill all the remaining cancer cells still lurking in the blood. It includes an array of new drugs which are great at killing cancer but nasty in every other way.

A week in the life…

I was going to call this ‘A Typical Week’ but I realised there’s nothing typical about having a child with cancer during a worldwide pandemic! The schools are still closed and Ivy is in a ‘light’ phase of treatment and remains fairly well at the moment. So here’s a snapshot of our life right now:… Continue Reading →

All in the same boat…

Being the parent of a child with cancer is a strange thing. It’s like being chucked onto a dinghy in the middle of the sea during a storm. You’d never wish it on anyone but you’re so glad that there are others in the boat with you.


It wasn’t until my eldest son eventually said, “is it worse than cancer?” that I knew I couldn’t lie anymore.

The story so far…

Ivy McCarthy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at The QEQM Hospital in Margate on 2.2.2020.

Childhood Cancer

His exact words were “I’m going to tell you truth, we are looking for cancer”. 

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